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Client Case Study: SLJ

What we take care of:

  • Instagram Management
  • TikTok Management

SLJ Case Study:

The Problem:

SLJ is an upcoming Jewelry Brand specializing in every day, elegant and timeless pieces for the classic and put-together women who always put effort into their appearance, along with Bridal Tiaras being their best sellers. Their approach to accessorizing enhances their customer's appearance and overall confidence in themselves by accentuating their style. We started working with this Brand as they just re-launched after a 2 year long hiatus, basically coming back to the world as a brand new Brand. Our job was to succeed in the first step of Brand Building, using Socials to create Brand Awareness and build back the community they once had. 

The Solution:

Our approach to reaching SLJ's Phase 1 goals was to deeply understand the type of consumer they were targeting and building a custom strategy based on their ideal customer's behaviors. We tested different content types, approaches to their visuals, and areas of interest to understand what their audience responded to. Within 3 months of tracking progress and updating strategy, we were able to find the type of content that resonated with their audience's values, triggered them visually, and secured a start to an ongoing relationship.

The Results:

We were able to take their Socials from 0 to 50K views completely intentionally. We found that their audience responded to original content showcasing how to get the most of their products, while playing up their values as women who pay attention to detail. Our collaboration continues to increase brand awareness while developing industry authority for SLJ in the fashion & accessory space.